Sativa 420 Lovers Set


🔺  SATIVA   420   LOVERS  🔺

Welcoming Spring 2020 - Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, rain is falling from sunlit skies & the Cannabis industry celebrated its most iconic day 4/20 in the year 2020. Followed by Earth Day’s 50th Celebration, this is no doubt our favorite month.    

As a tribute to this iconic year & date our Earth loving, Cannabis toking, high spirited creative team unveils Capsule 1  Series 1  of the RE:STASH Cannabis Growler.        
Available now through 7/10 (July 7th, 2020) or until 420 units sell.
Betta’ get yours before they beam them up Scotty 🌎🚀👽🖖💫

Inspired by two of our favorite plant relations birthed here on Spaceship Earth 🌍🌎🌏
'SATIVA - INDICA 420 LOVERS'  🔺   Capsule 1   Series 1 
Capsule includes 4oz + 8oz RE:STASH jar + a RE:VIDER 
Creatively sparked by the iconic celebration of 4/20/2020  
Co-created by two of our favorite Cannabis creatives
French Artist @RedHighs  and
Cannabis educator + creative consultant @Aj.OG


R E : S T A S H  Powered by  M A S O N - R E
Our team of innovative Earth conscious engineers created the world's first life proof, drop proof, temperature stable silicone koozie for the classic glass Mason jar.  Our custom engineered silicone sleeve is tailored to fit like a glove and is made from 100% silicone which means it is 100% recyclable.

Sealed with our own patented - certified - child resistant solution, the RE:STASH Lid. Manufactured with 30% repurposed farm waste that is reinforced with bamboo and hemp fibers for strength. This American made, eco-fiber, child resistant lid paired with our Earth friendly Silicone koozie makes this glass storage solution compliant as a reusable Cannabis Growler. Now you can feel confident when storing your stash safely away from children as well as sunlight. Respect your Stash and our Planet!

R E : S T A S H  SET Includes:
(1) 8oz Mason jar 
(1) 8oz silicone koozie (Sativa green)
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (white)
(1) 4oz Mason Jar
(1) 4oz  silicone koozie (white)
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (white)

(1) 8oz RE:VIDER (white)

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