8oz Stop Smoking Mids Re:stash Jar (includes Re:vider and Boveda)

STOP SMOKING MIDS! Collaboration with Stop Smoking Mids inspired design by Arjay Quality to wake up consumers to stop smokings mids and that it's always Quality over Quantity!

We're also including a Re:vider in each of these jars! Our newest product line is also made from eco-friendly materials and allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. AND we're including a Boveda humidity control pack in each of these! It secures easily into the clip in the Re:vider to help keep your herbs fresh.

Re:stash Includes:
(1) 8oz Stop Smoking Mids silicone koozie
(1) Regular mouth child proof lid (options)
(1) Re:vider (brown)
(1) Boveda humidity control pack
(1) 8oz mason jar

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